by Camilla Läckberg

Camilla Läckberg is back in Fjällbacka!

Two terrible events, without obvious connection, shakes Fjällbacka to its core. A famous photographer is found brutally murdered in a showroom. Henning Bauer, the Nobel prize winner in literature, suffers from a violent act on the small island where he is writing the 10th book in his world famous series. Patrik Hedström and the colleagues at Tanumshede police station don’t get anywhere in the investigation of the cases, meanwhile Erica Falck is researching a murder on a transsexual man in Stockholm in the 1980’s. She slowly realizes that the threads from the past are connected to the present time, and that old sins leave long shadows behind.

To be published by Bokförlaget Forum, September 2022

Bulgaria, Colibri
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Czech Republic, Albatros Media
Denmark, People’s
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Germany, Ullstein
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“Läckberg has  strong observational skills and a sense of passion for moods, environments, characters, dialog, details and thrilling intrigue which has made her the great Queen of Crime she is today. She 100% delivers. And the new book, The Cuckoo in the Fjällbacka series is no exception from this. A classic Camilla Läckberg. Our modern successor and heiress to Maria Lang.”
– BTJ, Sweden

”Camilla Läckberg skilfully and with entertainment uses associations to the Swedish Academy, men in
culture and silenced abuse, as a backdrop for a portrait of yet another patriarchal system and crime,
[..]‘The Cuckoo’ is also an entertaining portrayal of highbrow versus lowbrow culture… ‘The Cuckoo’ is
bloody and creepy, incessantly thrilling … definitely one of Läckberg’s best ones and – despite the
darkness – maybe also the meanest/funniest suspense book.”
– Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden

”The Fjällbacka series is warm and human compared with the dark strokes and the bestial murders. …
Erica Falck is as obvious of a crime hero as Annika Bengtzon, Martin Beck or Kurt Wallander. … It
shines through that Camilla Läckberg has had fun from time to time and as a reader that’s a pretty
nice gift to get.”
– Helsingborgs Dagblad, Sweden

”It’s clear that Camilla Läckberg has taken big steps in her authorship. … the books maintain a higher
– Bohusläningen, Sweden

“It’s obvious that Camilla Läckberg has had a lot of fun when returning to Fjällbacka … As an author
Camilla Läckberg has developed during the soon to be two decades that have passed since her debut. …
she’s already a part of Swedish crime history.”
– Södra Dalarnas Tidningar, Sweden

“Läckberg has always been portraying society and this time she writes with extra anger … Many topics
and threads to balance and twine, but Läckberg manages everything and everyone. It’s very thrilling.”
– Smålandsposten, Sweden

“A worthy continuation of the Fjällbacka series, very dense and thrilling.”
– Allas, Sweden

“[Läckberg] has an impeccable narrative style, an energy that propels the reading forward. And not
least: as a reader, you care about her characters, both the regular ones and those you meet from book to
– Ole Jacob Hoe, Adresseavisen, Norway

Every bit as persuasive and assured as Lackberg’s earlier work.
– Financial Times, United Kingdom

Meticulous plots and outstanding characterisation and sense of place.

– CrimeTime, United Kingdom

A long-awaited return to Fjallbacka that reminds the reader on every page why the series is so popular. Should come with a trigger warning to put everything on hold until finished reading.

– Yrsa Sigurdardottir

A welcome return for Hedström & Falck with a sublime plot, packed with subtle suspense and intrigue… Camilla Lackberg proving why she’s still the best there is..
-J.M. Dagliesh, United Kingdom