A man mysteriously vanishes in Fjällbacka. Despite all the efforts by Patrik Hedström and his colleagues at Tanumshede police station, nobody knows whether the man is dead or alive. Four months later he is found murdered, frozen in the ice. The case is further complicated when one of the dead man’s acquaintances, author Christian Thydell, suddenly begins receiving anonymous threats. Christian, who is on the brink of his big breakthrough with his novel Sjöjungfrun (The Mermaid) receives another message during the launch party. He breaks down and shows the letters to Erika Falck, who helped him with the manuscript. Christian tries to tone down the seriousness of the situation and refuses to contact the police, but Erika sneaks one letter into her bag and shows it to Patrik. She has long suspected that something is tormenting Christian and she is worried about what might happen, and Patrik realises the danger Christian is in. Someone carries a deep hatred for him, someone who is apparently a confused and unstable person who wouldn’t hesitate in turning his threats into a reality. When yet another man is found murdered, the police realises that there is a connection and the leads take them back in time…

The Drowning (Sjöjungfrun) is the sixth book in Camilla Läckberg’s highly successful series following Patrik Hedström and Erika Falck in Fjällbacka. So far the series have sold in 2 million copies, and in 2006 Camilla received the award for The People’s Literature Prize.


First published by Forum, Sweden, 2008.
359 pages.


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