By Camilla Läckberg

The Scent of Almonds is a charming novella in the style of Agatha Christie, and is closely linked to the Fjällbacka-series. It is less than a week until Christmas and Martin Mohlin from Tanumshede police station has – against his will – been persuaded by his girlfriend to accompany her to a family reunion. Following strict instructions from the domineering patriarch Ruben, the Liljecronas have all gathered on the tiny island of Valön outside of Fjällbacka. The connection to the mainland is cut off by a snowstorm and when Ruben collapses during Christmas dinner, Martin is forced to intervene. He soon establishes that Ruben was murdered and since they are completely isolated on the island, one of the family members must be the murderer…
But who’s got a motive? And who could be so cold-blooded?

First published by Månpocket in Sweden, 2007.

Sweden, Månpocket
Sweden, Bonnier Audio (audio book)
Czech Republic, Albatros Media
Denmark, People’s Press
Finland, Schildts
France, Actes Sud
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Iceland, Uppheimar
The Netherlands, Ambo Anthos
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