Gå I Fängelse – Truth Or Dare

By Camilla Läckberg

Four friends
Liv, Martina, Max and Anton have been best friends for years. So on New Year’s Eve, they’re more than happy to spend it together – drinking, flirting, and playing games.

Four terrifying secrets
But each of them is keeping a terrible secret. And when a game of truth or dare takes a dark turn, it’s not long before the shocking truth emerges.

A night that will end in murder
Now the secrets are out there, nothing will ever be the same again. And not everyone will live to see the chime of midnight…

First published by Einaudi in Italy, April 2021

Australia, HarperCollins
Canada, HarperCollins
Catalonia, Ara Llibres
Czech Republic, Albatros Media
Denmark, Strawberry Publishing DK
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