By Camilla Läckberg

Le Prédicateur is The Preacher as a graphic novel.

An early summer morning, a little boy sets off to play at King’s Crevice in Fjällbacka. His games come to an abrupt end when he finds the body of a naked young woman staring up at him. The police are called to the scene. They soon realise that the woman has been murdered. The mystery becomes even more perplexing when they find out what lies underneath the woman’s body, namely the skeletons of two other women who have been reported missing since the late 1970s…

Predikanten (The Preacher) is a superb crime novel that skilfully weaves the past together with the present. The characters are shaped with great psychological insight, the Free Church milieu is thrillingly described and highly topical, and the excellent plot is full of surprises.

First published by Editions Casterman, Belgium, 2015
Full-colour, 124 pages

Belguim, Casterman
France, Casterman
Spain, Maeva