Åsa Ericsdotter made her literary debut as a 17 year old, with the strong prose lyric novel Innocent, a story about love, passion and pain that immediately gave her a role as one of Sweden’s most interesting young authors. At the August Prize gala in the fall of 1998 she received a mention of honor.

Her new novel, Phase 3, published by Forum here in Sweden is an original suspense novel about a medical experiment going awry. About the human fragile identity and the different kinds of loves we experience in life.

Celia Jensen, scientist at Harvard, has together with her team found the cure for Alzheimer.

Her father suffers from the disease and she is ready to do anything to save him. Shortly after the
phase 3 testing has begun several inexplicable acts of terror take place. A 86 year old stabs his cohabitants at the retirement home. A mass shooting devastates an IKEA warehouse.

In Paris the first experimental subject is found shot. The scientist Adam Miller initiates on his own initiative an investigation to find the connection between the new medicine and the murders.