Fas 3 – Phase 3

An original suspense novel about a medical experiment going wrong, but also a story about love and the human fragile identity. Celia Jensen, scientist at Harvard, has together with her team found the cure for Alzheimer.

Her father suffers from the disease and she is ready to do anything to save him. Shortly after the
phase 3 testing has begun several inexplicable acts of terror take place. A 86 year old stabs his cohabitants at the retirement home. A mass shooting devastates an IKEA warehouse.

In Paris the first experimental subject is found shot. The scientist Adam Miller initiates on his own initiative an investigation to find the connection between the new medicine and the murders.

To be published by Forum, Sweden, January 2022

France, Actes Sud
Russia, Phantom Press
Sweden, Forum

There is a lot to be impressed by; the knowledge of brain research that creates credibility, the many touching love stories with  rich and alive character galleries without any particular main character, it’s more like a novel about the collective, and a combination of creativity and linguistic ability of an exceptionally high standard. 

– Anders Kapprakt, Swedish Crime Academy