An extremely well-written and unpredictable mystery, but above all it’s a portrayal of the Westro Bothnian villages that seethe with life and is at its best when it stops at the people in the village.  


Naseh & Sandström

Death of a Farmer is the first book in Brännliden Series written by Negar Naseh and David Sandström, making this their crime debut.

Negar Naseh debuted as an author in 2014 with During All This Winter. Her latest novel, the critically praised A Handful of Wind, was published in 2022. Negar Naseh also works as a doctor.

David Sandström is a musician and songwriter. He is most known for being the founder and drummer of the legendary hardcore band Refused from Umeå.

And already before the debut the book garnered attention in the media!


A farmer is found frozen to death at his homestead in Westro Bothnia. When investigator Marita Widmark arrives at her childhood neighbourhood in Brännliden she stumbles over the unsolved case. Together with Bahar, a young colleague at the Umeå police station, she starts to unravel the mystery. As the investigation grows, the darker sides of the countryside are revealed: the conflicts, the exclusion and the lawlessness. Crimes are solved, convictions are made but the question remains: who is winning on the death of a farmer?