Henrik Fexeus, internationally renowned author and mentalist, has attracted global attention with his latest book The Sacrifice. Although the book has not yet been released in Sweden, it has already been sold in 16 languages worldwide.

Henrik Fexeus, photo Daniel Stigefelt

The Sacrifice explores the dark side of the human psyche and behavior in a way that few other crime novels do.  With a mixture of suspense and insightful analysis, Fexeus takes readers on a captivating journey into human manipulation and psychological depths.

“I’m a little shocked at how well The Sacrifice has already been received abroad. The fact that so many publishers outside Sweden believe in this series is very flattering. I’m not sure I’ve stopped blushing since I found out the numbers” says Henrik Fexeus.

The book will be released in Sweden on June 3 and is published by Bookmark.

List of publishers:

Arabic, Al Arabi Publishing and Distributing, Egypt

Bulgarian, Colibri

Czech, Metafora

Danish, People’s

Dutch Uitgeverij De Geus

Catalan, Columna

Estonian, Pegasus

Greek, Metaixmio

Icelandic, Sogur Publishing

Italian, Marsilio Editore

Latvian, UAB Alma Littera

Norwegian, Aschehoug

Portuguese, Porto Editora

Romanian, Editura Trei

Spanish, Planeta

Swedish, Bookmark