Emelie Schepp is back with a highly anticipated new book about the enigmatic prosecutor Jana Berzelius!

Don’t Say A Word is a highly topical novel about violence and gang criminality, as well as the forces that can take over when there is something to protect at all costs.

Early one morning in April a film of a young man spreads on Youtube. He has been beaten up and is wearing an explosive device attached to his body. The police know that a terrible fate awaits him. They are able to identify the location but only reach in time for the bomb to explode. This is the fourth member of the criminal network Komados to be murdered in a short period of time.

Detective inspector Mia Bolander has assistance from the new investigator Patrik Wiking to solve the cases. The problem is that no one wants to speak to them. Nobody has heard or seen anything. When Jana Berzelius is dragged into the investigation she realizes that the case has a direct connection to herself. As a prosecutor it has always been her job to find out the truth. This time she receives unexpected help to hide it.

You can pre-listen to the book on Storytel, Bookbeat and Nextory before it drops on the 5th!