MARIANNE FREDRIKSSON (1927-2007) IS one of Sweden’s most prominent authors. Her books have been translated into more than 47 languages and sold more than 17 million copies. 

BEFORE SHE EMBARKED on her life as an author, Fredriksson had a successful career as a journalist on the newspapers Göteborgs-Tidningen and Svenska Dagbladet.

SHE WROTE HER first book The Book of Eve while recovering from a mid-life crisis, and in 1988 left her employment at Svenska Dagbladet to devote her time to writing. Fredriksson died suddenly on 11 February 2007. She wrote and published fourteen novels and a number of non-fiction books during her lifetime – all of which have enjoyed a large readership.

IN 2020, THE entirety of Fredriksson’s fiction work was reissued in Sweden. Since then, Fredriksson’s books have been reissued and rediscovered in fourteen languages, including French, German, Spanish and English.