By Marianne Fredriksson

Early in his life Simon is made aware that there is something different about him. With the rise of Hitler in Germany and the impending war in Norway and Denmark, the tension increases. His friendship with young Jewish boy, Isak – an escapee from Nazi-Germany – enriches Simon’s life, but makes it more difficult too, for Isak seems to fit in much better at home that Simon does himself. Along with the end of the war comes the day when Simon must be told the reason for his affinity for the lake and its surrounding oak trees; for the strange dreams of an old man beneath the waves; for his dark good looks and uncanny musical ability…

First published by Wahlström & Widstrand, Sweden, 1985
342 pages

Bulgaria, Colibri
The Czech Republic, Beta Dobrowsky
China/Taiwan, China Times
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Estonia, Varrak
Finland, Otava
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Italy, Longanesi (e-book)
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Turkey, Altin Kitaplar
UK, Orion
USA, Ballantine

Denmark, Asta Film (option on film rights)
Sweden, Folkteatern in Gothenburg (theatre rights)
The Netherlands, Theatergroup De Kern (theatre rights)

A wondrous and winding story… The thrilling descriptions of countryside and nature are fascinating.
Berliner Morgenpost

A voyage of discovery in human feeling and thought.
Dresdener Neueste Nachrichten

Grips the reader from the first page to the last… this novel is imbued with brightness from the shimmering light of the sea.