By Marianne Fredriksson

Not many characters in the bible have been as enigmatic as Cain. Marianne Fredriksson provides us with a new and different image of him in Kains bok (The Book of Cain) – a soft and lovingly told fable, where Cain’s world of thoughts, his experiences and references are presented in a language that is easy for modern day readers to appreciate.

Cain has grown to be a man. He lives his life as a pioneer, close to nature, together with his parents and his wife Leth, who carries his child. When it’s time for her to give birth to the baby, he packs his bags and leaves. He feels as though he’s not as important as the baby. He seeks the paradise as well as the wordless people that Eve had told him about. The meeting becomes dramatic and it ends with Cain plunging a knife into their leader – Satan.

First published by Wahlström & Widstrand, Sweden, 1981
218 pages

Sweden, Wahlström & Widstrand
Sweden, StorySide (audio book)
Denmark, Forlaget Fremad
Denmark, Gyldendal Uddannelse (audio book)
Norway, Damm & Son
Germany, S. Fischer/Krüger Verlag
The Netherlands, De Geus
Hungary, Cesam
Russia, Amphora
Poland, Swiat

We will meet a totally different Cain than the one in the Bible. Forward steps a complicated and intelligent human being. All the time nagging in the background is the murder of a brother by an author that knows how to tell a story.
Marita Edlund