By Marianne Fredriksson

Lillemor Lundgren’s thoughts during a walk in the forest when the wildwood flowers are blooming turn to fear when she finds the corpse of a murdered woman under a tree. The dead woman looks like Lillemor herself, an exact copy of her as a young woman. At the same moment she hears the sound of branches breaking. Is it the sound of an elk, running away?

Gåtan (The Enigma) is a modern-day saga with a fast tempo where the excitement is constant. The hunt for the murderer is only one of the dramatic highlights. After a while, the picture clarifies for Lillemor and her intense efforts, and she comes closer to understanding the murdered girl. At last Lillemor faces the question: is she crazy or obsessed? Is it possible for dead souls to invade the souls of the living?

First published by Wahlström & Widstrand, 1989
222 pages

Sweden, Wahlström & Widstrand
Sweden, StorySide (audio book)
Norway, Damm & Son
Norway, Damm & Son/Lydboksforlaget (audio book)
Germany, S. Fischer/Krüger Verlag
The Netherlands, De Geus

Denmark, Early Bird

…a suggestive novel, a kind of existential thriller – told in a magnificent way, but with an unusual language that seems quite natural after a while.
Borås Tidning

It is as if she experimented in a laboratory to bring her characters to life, characters that contain the key to the reader’s heart and soul. Don’t ask me how she concocted it all. I just know that the final result contains a highly concentrated magical spell.
Lena Mattison