By Marianne Fredriksson

Restless and unable to sleep, Anna picks up a sepia photograph of her grandmother, Hanna, as a young woman. It is like looking in a mirror and Anna sees not the tetchy old woman of family stories but a woman who might love, cry, hate, just as she does. For the first time, Anna sees herself and her mother, Hanna’s daughter, not just as family, but also as real people whose lives have rich and complex stories to tell.

Dubbed the Scandinavian answer to Wild Swans, Marianne Fredriksson’s compelling story of three generations of Swedish women has been translated into approximately forty languages and become an international bestseller. Set against the majestic isolation of the Scandinavian lakes and mountains, this is more than a story of a grandmother, mother and daughter. It is a moving testament of a forgotten time, an evocation of an entire milieu with its own social codes and historical predicaments, and an epic romance in every sense of the word.

Ranked as No. 3 on the 1998 international fiction bestseller list worldwide (Publishing Trends).

No. 1 bestseller in Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Australia.

Chosen as The Book of the Year in Sweden, Germany and The Netherlands.

First published by Wahlström & Widstrand, 1994
341 pages

Bulgaria, Obsidian Press
Denmark, Forlaget Fremad
Denmark, DBC Medier (audio book)
France, Éditions Archipoche
Macedonia, Toper Books
Norway, Damm & Son
Sweden, Wahlström & Widstrand
Sweden, LL-förlaget (easy read edition)
Sweden, Talande Böcker (audio book)
Sweden, Piratförlaget (e-book)

Germany, Bavaria/Odeon Film (film rights)
Finland, Lahtis Stadsteater (theatre rights)
The Netherlands, ‘t Bos (theatre rights)
The Netherlands, Theatergroup de Kern (theatre rights)
Israel, Promo (theatre rights)

Gripping and gritty. Catherine Cookson with a touch of Strindberg.
Marika Cobbold

Extremely moving (…) hypnotically readable.

Anna Hanna och Johanna (Hanna’s Daughters) are hard to shake off, lingering long after you’ve turned the last page. (…) profound, moving (…) rich in detail.