By Marianne Fredriksson

If Norea had been born a few thousand years later, she would have been burned as a witch. If she had been living in modern times she would probably have been considered insane, because Norea can see into the dark that exists beyond reality. She can understand time, see through human hearts and reach beyond limits that most people just pass through in dreams. But Norea lived in a magical age and in a culture that viewed her unusual powers as a gift.

Norea is the daughter of Adam and Eve, the sister of Cain, and a part of the great myth of mankind. And as always when a myth comes to life again, we can see those things that are not captured within the framework of rational thinking.

Noreas saga (The Story of Norea) is the third part of the triology Paradisets barn (Children of Paradise).

First published by Wahlström & Widstrand, 1983
208 pages

Sweden, Wahlström & Widstrand
Sweden, StorySide (audio book)
Denmark, Forlaget Fremad
Denmark, Gyldendal Uddannelse (audio book)
Norway, Damm & Son
Germany, S. Fischer/Krüger Verlag
The Netherlands, De Geus
Hungary, Cesam
Russia, Armada
Poland, Swiat

UK, Dragonfly Films (option)