The series, called The Rebecca Lekman-series, centers criminal psychologist Rebecca. The first book is called En farlig talang and  it’s a fast paced page-turner with a sharp eye that cuts through questions of power, class and identity

In the first book Rebecca has just moved back home to Sweden to take care of her ailing mother. She leaves a very bright career and her wife Maria behind her in the US. Then one night she is abruptly woken up by a phone call from her old colleague Leo who’s at a crime scene. Apparently, Rebecca’s high school sweetheart,  Louise von Ascheberg, has been brutullay murdered, stabbed to death in her home.

Back in the upperclass neighbourhood Rebecca has been running from her entire life, and shut out from the investigation, she begins to investigate the murder on her own. The once rebellious teenager, Louise has grown up to become a sophisticated housewife with a luxurious home. But who wanted her dead, and why? And why did Louise try and get in touch with Rebecca mere weeks before the murder – even though she had sworn she never want to see Rebecca again?

As Rebecca gets closer to the people in Louise’s inner circle, the more intense it gets for her. Eventually she will have to ask herself what risks she is willing to take to find the murderer..

With this new series Camilla Sten shows off her masterful talent for depicting a closed world where adaptability can be both necessary and life threatening.
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