By Anna Fredriksson

It is midsummer in the fishing village Kivik on Österlen. Just in time for the summer season Sally opens her bed and breakfast. She is soon forced to see that it is much harder to run a business like this than she thought.

Her daughter Josefin is struggling with her self-sufficient living, the dream of a simpler life is harder to keep when then money dosen’t last. Eventually she and her boyfriend need to make a life altering decision.

Vanja is alone in Copenhagen and misses her grand-daughter Josefin. She heads back to Kivik to get Sally’s forgiveness. But is the chance for a reconciliation still possible?

A simpler life is the awaited continuation of the Every Season’s Trilogy about three generations of women at Österlen.

First published by Forum, June 2019.

Denmark, Gyldendal
Germany, Insel Verlag
Sweden, Forum

A Simpler Life is a sympathetic story about three generations of women, each with their own struggles and dreams. The novel centers around the mother/daughter relationship and the will to go your own way in life. A Simpler Life is down to earth and easy to get through and perhaps there is no coincidence that Anna Fredriksson has been dubbed queen of feel-real fiction.
Kajsa Banck, BTJ