By Anna Fredriksson

Karin has always lead a safe and sheltered life but when her husband turns into a stranger she decides that enough is enough. Throwing caution to the wind she signs up for a night class in advanced Asian cooking and gets the adventure of a lifetime.

The cooking class becomes her lifeline. She meets new people and learns about her own strengths, all while her fascination for teacher – renowned chef Henrik – turns increasingly electric. As the class winds down the tension between them slowly passes into a growing attraction that leads to infatuation.

Karin who has been seeing her self as old and used up realizes that her life doesn’t have to have an expiration date. But is she really prepared to embrace her feelings and put her secure existence on the line. And above all: How can she leave her life-long partner when he has just gone through a major trauma?

The Tuesday Club is a Swedish Bridges of Madison County. It’s a novel about being in the, so called, “sandwich-age” – stuck between aging parents, a partner, children and grandchildren who all need your attention. It is also a tale about difficult choices and about falling madly, passionately and amazingly in love later in life.

To be published by Forum, Sweden 2015

281 pages

Finland, Storytel
Denmark, Gyldendal
Germany, Berlin Verlag
Sweden, Forum

It’s a simple and honest account of the everyday life and I’m betting it will find a lot of readers.
(…) she has tension in her writing making it impossible to remain indifferent to her stories. She writes about the people of today, NOW (…) “The Tuesday Club” is wholesome, hopeful reading. Anna Fredriksson show us that it is possible to try again and question your life choices and still get through to the other side. “The Tuesday Club” will definitely be on many book club’s reading lists this fall and bring about a lot of inspiring discussions.

Once again Anna Fredriksson has written a warm, readable and dramatic feel-good novel, in all its glorious everyday realism. The message is clear: Make the most of your life, and value yourself even when its seems like nobody else does – and never, ever think that its to late for some happiness in your life.
Östgöta Corrsepondenten

Anna is capable of portraying everyday life with a drive to awaken the desire in all of her readers.
Halmstad 7 dagar

“The Tuesday Club” is a warm and in all ways possible well written novel

Anna Fredriksson strengthens her position at the top of the genre of Swedish feel-good novels. She has a particular eye for placing her characters in a situation that forces them to reflect on and reevaluate their life choices. […] Light-hearted read about cooking, love in the golden years, and making the most out of every opportunity life throws your way.
Joanna och dagarna, book blog

Her latest novel is light-hearted even if it deals with serious issues. The perspective is very female. […] Very accessible and with a great narrative flow.

An easy read, gripping, thoughtful, moving are some choice words to say about the book. A novel, but with some feel-good to it. That it was about relationships for normal women in their 60ies is something that made the book extra special in my opinion, because it’s not very common with those types of main characters.
I definitely recommend this book, just like Anna Fredriksson’s previous novels.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Bimsblogg, book blog

Warm, lovely and gripping!!!
Rating: 5 out of 5
Jennies boklista, book blog

Anna Fredriksson is simply phenomenal at describing things to make you feel the exact unpleasant, uncomfortable or for that matter the happy and joyful feelings that the protagonists of her story feel. (…) A Swedish Jojo Moyes in my opinion
Evas bokvärld, book blog

An author that I think is writes extremely well is Anna Fredriksson. On the table in my reading nook lies her latest work; “The Tuesday Club”. Fifth pages into the novel and I am far from disappointed. Fredriksson is simply amazing at describing life choices. Leave or stay put.
Susanne Sefyrin, book blog