By Anna Fredriksson

Eva has had no contact with her siblings for several years. She has almost stopped thinking about them when her mother suddenly passes away and she is reunited with Anders and Maja at the funeral.
Nothing has changed, they are like strangers to one another, and soon they are involved in a bitter dispute about the inheritance. Eva has taken for granted that she would take over her mother’s beloved summer house in the archipelago, but her brother and sister want to sell it as soon as possible.

Eva escapes to the summer house, but only a couple of days later Anders and Maja arrive with their families, with the intention of preparing the house for the sale. During the next few weeks Eva’s life is turned upside down. The rooms are filled with other people’s belongings, voices and habits. Eva is forced to get to know her siblings anew, but the question is: will they ever be able to find their way back to each other?

First published by Forum, Sweden, 2011
287 pages

Finland, Storytel
Germany, Bloomsbury
The Netherlands, Querido
Sweden, Forum

A wonderful summer story that contains both pain, betrayal and bitterness, but also a will to move on. A warm and emotionally strong book.
Magnus Utvik, Gomorron Sverige

Strong debut novel about grief and happiness, loneliness and togetherness, and about finding oneself.