By Pascal Engman

Rich men are being kidnapped in Stockholm and their families are being forced to pay ransoms to set them free. Aside from their wealth, the police can find no other connections 

between the victims. 

Following a heartbreaking divorce, Detective Vanessa Frank is suspended from duty, while an ongoing investigation will determine her future as Chief Inspector at the Stockholm Police Department. Despite being out of action, she can’t help but follow an informant’s tip off, leading her to two childhood friends who soon find themselves caught up in a dangerous game beyond their control… 

Meanwhile in Chile, an ancient and powerful organisation dealing in organ trafficking are struggling to balance supply and demand and are forced to look further than the shadows of the Andes and the old nazi-colony where it once began.

Tierra del Fuego is a dramatic and brutal suspense novel. The first in a riveting socio-political thriller series about the wayward Detective Vanessa Frank.

First published by Piratförlaget, 2018

Czech Republik, Dobrovksy & Omega
Denmark, People’s Press
Estonia, Siniskukk
Finland, WSOY
Germany, Klett Cotta
Lithuania, Balto Leidybos
The Netherlands, Uitgeverij Q
Norway, Gyldendal
Russia, Eksmo
Slovakia, Ikar
Spain, Roca Editorial
Sweden, Pirat Förlag

Pascal Engman has a great ability to constantly boost the pace of the story. He nails the reader to the story so you can not stop reading … High international class!
Ingalill Mosander, SVT Gokväll

In Sweden, well-behaved businessmen and anonymous street children are being kidnapped. One group disappears, the other is returned well kept. Criminal Inspector Vanessa Frank begins to look for the underlying story, while one of the kidnappers does not want to be more involved. Great thriller with an elegantly braided story that moves between Stockholm and South America.
Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter

Pascal Engman is already a writer to count on and he knows how to entertain an audience. /…/ It’s a clever build up that quickly sucks the reader into the story, and then it’s impossible to let go. Fast turns between parallel events, a dialogue that drives the action forward, high pulse, short chapters and constant cliffhangers. Soon, 500 pages have been extinguished and you are as exhausted in the sofa as after a season of Homeland.
Maria Näslund, Göteborgs Posten

Once you start reading the book you will be stuck in the eye of the storm /…/ Try to take a step back to admire the design, architecture, the literary construction … so well done. All the while, the pace is high and the drama is great. Character portraits are skillfully shaped, Engman has a great ability to quickly draw sustainable and distinct characters /…/ Even the environments, both in Stockholm and in Chile, are skillfully depicted and accomplished.
Anders Larsson, the Swedish Crime Festival

/…/ exciting, well-written, nasty, real, and about current topics. The book also feels very “cinematic” and would definitely do well as a movie, (just like “The Patriots”). I recommend the book warmly, as well as the last book, which is now in pocket. And I’m really looking forward to more books by Pascal Engman.
Bim’s blog (blog)

It’s a terrific intrigue that paves the way for this story, Pascal Engman does not spare anything when it comes to raw details, and the pace rises all the time /…/ “Tierra del Fuego” has basically everything a good and timely thriller should be built on and is a book to recommend for every devoted crime reader.
Johannas deck corner (blog)

This was a really eventful, touching nail-biter. The book is so exciting though sometimes really brutal and nasty. It has a high pace just like the author’s first book, “The Patriots”, but I like this one even more. The fact that over 500 pages can end so fast is a good grade! I want to read more about Vanessa Frank NOW!
Eve’s bookshelves (blog)

A perfect match! Again, we can say that Pascal Engman is a credible storyteller with a great sense and presence. Eldslandet is straightforward, high-paced and the chapters are short and powerful, usually with a cliffhangers at the end. The language is simple but with rave dialogues and the book has a high dose of action and excitement, which sometimes causes the feeling of watching a movie instead of reading. Nothing is left by chance, Pascal cleverly connects all components of the story and answers the readers questions. Filling over 500 pages may be difficult for some, but not for Pascal Engman. He fills out the pages with live and brutal excitement that lasts all the way, from the first to the last page.
Olivia’s deck shelf (blog)