By Camilla & Viveca Sten

Child of the arctic fires is the third book in the acclaimed series about The People Of The Ocean by Camilla and Viveca Sten. Superstitions from the Nordic folklore meets the archipelago and it sets the scene for a book you want to read in one sitting. 

IT’S WINTER IN the archipelago and Christmas is approaching. Tuva excitedly awaits Rasmus’ arrival at Harö, where he will spend the winter holiday with her. But she can’t help but worry. Her arch enemy has been in hiding since their battle in the spring and the ocean is intimidatingly quiet…

WHEN A WHOLE ferry sinks and no passengers survive, Tuva is certain dark magic is the cause. Without warning the ocean freezes over and through the impenetrable, thick ice, wicked creatures of the sea arise to drown new victims.

IN ORDER TO find out wha her enemy is planning, Tuva forms an alliance with the magical creatures of the woods. The forces at play are far more dangerous than she could ever have imagined and to make matters worse, she only has one week to stop it. Tuva must return to her roots to look for answers  – but can the old pledge remain without an invaluable sacrifice?

First published by Bonnier Carlsen, Sweden, 2018, 430 pages.

Czech Republic, Dobrovsky
Finland, Otava
France, Michel Lafon
Iceland, Ugla Utgafa
Norway, Gyldendal
Sweden, Bonnier Carlsen

To me this is the perfect ending […] After reading the book at a stretch one must come up to the surface for air, pause, breathe – and then dive in again. And read  at a stretch […] Novels with psychological depth and supernatural suspense, can it be better?
Belinda Graham, Tidningen Kulturvinden


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