By Pascal Engman

How far is an author willing to go to write a bestseller? Pascal Engman stays close to home in his sharpest thriller yet. 

Thriller author Raymond Salinas is found murdered outside his home. He was on his way to the Gothenburg book fair. Vanessa Frank soon discovers that Raymond’s research helped him form deep rooted connections with criminal networks, both in Sweden and abroad. The police realise that several people could benefit from the author being dead.

But Vanessa suspects that the motive is hidden in Salinas’ upcoming book project, where it’s possible he has uncovered something more shocking. To find the answers she must follow in the steps that led the author straight to his death. How far is an author willing to go to create a bestseller? 

Bestseller holds Vanessa Frank’s most complicated murder case thus far. It’s a whirlwind meta story where Pascal Engman takes us through the gangwars in Stockholm, the international cocaine industry and the increased prevalence of corruption within the Swedish judiciary. 

Pascal Engman is a former journalist from Expressen. His journalistic perspective is shown throughout his authorship. In the Vanessa Frank series he depicts extreme societal phenomenons such as class identity, incels and the alt-right. He is one of the most read authors of his generation. 

To be published by Bookmark, October 2023

Denmark, People’s
Sweden, Bookmark