by Camilla and Viveca Sten

Five women go to the Swedish Alps. It has been twenty years since they went to school together.

While the brewing blizzard grows over the mountains, the seething tension crosses over into open conflict. So when new secrets are brought to the surface, the dam bursts. Five women leave but only four return.

The Reunion is a chilling psychological suspense novella from the minds of Camilla and Viveca Sten.

First published by Bonnier Bookery, September 2018, 100 pages

“The Reunion turns into a crime story – but on the way there it’s more about psychology. Believable descriptions of emotions are well mixed with explanatory flashbacks and quick dialog. Even though the book is just over 200 pages the authors succeed in making the characters come to life”
– Östersunds Posten

Sweden, Bonnier Bookery