The new year is off to a fantastic start with the publication of Viveca Sten‘s latest non-fiction book Get What You Want and Some More in Sweden!

Life is all about negotiations. Your boss won’t give you a higher salary, your neighbours are playing music too loudly and your teenager is insisting on getting more money all the time. On top of that, you have all the negotiations with major financial consequences: buying a house, a new car or renovating the kitchen. These situations are common enough, but surprisingly few people have the skills to deal with them. Especially when the most difficult counterpart of all can be – you!

Viveca Sten is one of our greatest crime writers but also one of Sweden’s foremost negotiation experts. After many years as general counsel, she knows exactly how to emerge victorious from small and large negotiations. In Get What You Want And Some More! Viveca generously shares her personal experiences and teaches you how to become a successful negotiator. Enjoy an encouraging book that gives you both solid tips and concrete tools. Or as Viveca herself says: “Negotiating is fun, if you just know how to do it!”

“Negotiation and rhetoric are subjects that tend to be difficult, but Viveca Sten’s enthusiasm for negotiating is inspiring – it shines through on every page and makes the reading feel uncomplicated and encouraging.”