Congratulations Therese Bohman! The August Prize shortlist was announced a few moments ago and Therese Bohman’s Eventide (Aftonland) is among the contenders for 2016.

Therese Bohman’s voice is rapidly becoming one of the most significant in Swedish literary fiction. Her novels deal with female characters who are faced with various challenges related to feminism and womanhood in our modern day society.

Eventide is the story of Karolina, an art professor at Stockholm University who has just ended a long relationship with a man she never truly loved. In her search for liberation, she finds herself feeling lonely and more rudderless in her new situation than she first expected. When she starts tutoring the young and attractive post-graduate student Anton, everything changes…

Therese Bohman’s uniquely serene prose makes for an atmospheric novel and Eventide has been highly praised by critics and readers alike. She is highly deserving of the recognition and Nordin Agency are proud to work with her.