The queen of new Swedish romance

As far back as we can remember romance and love have had a strong presence in literature. With her lates novel Only One Night Simona Ahrnstedt shows us why romance is the largest literary genre in the Western world.

What is romance? That is the most frequently asked question we get from friends, other authors and journalists. Simona Ahrnstedt usually compares the genre to that of crime novels, but instead of solving a case, there is a love story that needs to have a happy ending. The events leading up to this is what separates good romance from great and Simona Ahrnstedt is one of the best.

Her latest, and first contemporary, novel is a game-changer. As pretty and inviting as a box of chocolates it will put all your preconceived notions about romance to shame while elegantly entertaining readers from 15 to 95 in the time honored tradition of all great fiction.

Only One Night (En Enda natt) is a story of revenge, heated power plays and above all: Forbidden Love.

In the glamorous and high-powered setting of the Swedish finance world we meet corporate advisor Natalia De la Grip and magnetic venture capitalist David Hammar. Both have set a strong course in their lives. Proud Natalia, who was born into the upper class’ highest echelons is forging her own way by building an impressive career.

Meanwhile David, a self-made and ruthless billionaire is determined to seek revenge on the people who have hurt him in the past. But David´s plan to take over the De la Grip family business sets him on an inevitable collision course with Natalia. As passion strikes and secrets rise to the surface, unavoidable disaster looms and life-altering decisions must be made.

Strong women, intense plots and a free flowing narrative are what make up the backbone of this author’s storytelling. Her character’s are as compelling as her love stories and she never lets her readers down. That is why Simona Ahrnstedt earns her title as Sweden’s queen of romance.

Once again she has managed to create characters that I like instantaneously. I really appreciate that the women in Simona Ahrnstedt’s novels are self-sufficient, strong and have their own career.

Impossible to put down. Simona Ahrnstedt’s novels invite non-stop reading
Katarina Bivald

Literature that completely breaks all prejudices.