Steve Sem-Sandberg nominated for The August Prize 2014!

It is with pleasure that Nordin Agency congratulates Steve Sem-Sandberg on his nomination for the 2014 August Prize.

With the jury’s motivation:
In the novel “De utvalda” (The Chosen Ones) Steve Sem-Sandberg confront’s us with abuse and collaborations from the past. It portrays the children’s ward at the institution Spiegelgrund in Vienna during the Nazi era. On a stabil documentary foundation he builds a story of science’s will to subjugate man, a dark impulse that neither begins nor ends there.
In an excruciatingly beautiful and precise prose Sem-Sandberg successfully exposes the anatomi of evil with intimate humanism and restrained anger. At the same time he bestows the reader with an awareness and a strength to resist.

Steve won the prestigious award in 2009 with his novel The Emperor of Lies. It went on to sell in over 25 territories around the globe a success that is sure to be repeated with this latest masterpiece.