Sara Blædel’s latest Louise Rick-crime novel is now available in Denmark!

It’s been five years since the last Louise Rick book and with the new ‘Pigen under træet‘ Sara welcomes both dedicated readers of the series but also new once to join in on the investigation of a girl who went missing in 1995.

The body of Susan is found on the Island of Bornholm, in a crevice in the Echo Valley, swarmed with insects.

Camilla Lind is back working for the crime section of Morgonavisen, and insists on finding out the truth behind Susan’s disappearance. She goes to visit Pia, a girl who went to school with Susan, to talk only to find her family in despair as Pia, that same morning, walked into the ocean and drowned herself.

Louise Rick is on a sabbatical from her position at the Drabsafdelinge and is back home, where she grew up, to be with her brother who tried to commit suicide after his wife Trine left him and their two children once again. Louise tries to track Trine down but no one has seen her since she left home.

As she is  going through Trine’s belongings for clues of where she could be, Louise finds an old school photograph. It shows three girls on the same school trip where Susan disappeared.

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