Over the weekend the Marcus Jarl Hall at Vadstena Library was inaugurated:

This is unbelievably huge. Libraries are among the most important institutions we have in Sweden. Encouraging people to read but also as a meaningful sanctuary for all. Vadstena library has meant a lot to me personally so this is an incredible and almost unfathomable honor.

– Marcus Jarl


And that is not the only thing happening, just a few weeks ago Marcus Jarl released his fourth novel, About A Sister, which has gotten such a warm welcome from readers on Instagram.


Just before the release the book received this fantastic review:

The characters are typical, but never one dimensional. Several nuances are captured. Jarl is in his essence when he manages to depict how close love, fear and shame are, how one depending on the situation can transition to another, how no personalities are carved in stone and how our relationships are formed by previous ones. The reader carries with them several razor sharp depictions from the story after finishing. The novel is without a doubt the best from Jarl so far.


About A Sister is a novel about love/hate-relationships, a damaged sisters-bond and the consequences of professional secrecy. What happens when you have knowledge of someone else’s deepest secret, something that would alter your sister’s reality, when you are bound by law not to tell it? Not even to the one person that really deserves to know?