O, The Oprah Magazine included THE GOLDEN CAGE in an online piece titled “What You Should Read This Summer, According to Your Zodiac Sign

So to you all identifying as a Virgo, go pick up THE GOLDEN CAGE to secure your summer reading!
“Revenge is a dish served best cold, and that’s a sentiment any scorned woman, especially a Virgo, can relate to. Although Virgo may not seek retribution IRL, they totally fantasize about it in their heads. “The Golden Cage” will intrigue Virgo as the inspectors of the zodiac. Their analytical minds like to solve plots and resolve problems—which is why their eyes and analytical minds be glued to every word in this page-turning thriller that will intoxicate them with intrigue during the warm nights of summer. Hell hath no fury like a Virgo scorned.”

Here is a link to the whole list of all the zodiac signs!