Every Season’s B&B is the story of a family that takes place in Österlen in the south of Sweden, where the landscape is vast and shimmering, with endless open fields.

Old houses with small gardens filled with apple trees and roses on the wine, line the narrow, cobblestoned streets of the small fishing village called Kivik. Summer guests and tourists invade the otherwise quiet town during a few short weeks every summer, leaving it empty for the rest of the year. It is a seaside haven for artists; painters and authors, who for more than a hundred years have found peace to work here.

Now three generations of women are at the centre of the plot where the overarching theme is the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters.

Boktokig writes: “… the portrayal of the three generations of women appeals to me. It feels real. We all make bad decisions and things happen that make life take unexpected turns. Anna Fredriksson succeeds in making me curious and interested in the characters. I want to know more. Much more! I really look forward to read the rest of the trilogy.