Super-Charlie And The Space Puppy is Camilla Läckberg‘s  11th book in the series about the super baby!

THE FAMILY HAS adopted a puppy to everyone’s delight. Well, almost everybody. Super-Charlie is sure that there is something veeeeeeeery mysterious about the little puppy Lilly. It poops green poop, never eats dog food (only baloney sandwiches) and it stays up every night howling.

AS IF THAT wasn’t enough Super-Charlie has seen that Lilly can transform into a super scary monster – an alien! Super-Charlie thinks that she has to be a space puppy who has run away and ended up on earth. With a little help from his baby sister Polly he now has to try and find Lilly’s real family.

SUPER-CHARLIE AND THE SPACE PUPPY is the eleventh stand alone book in the series about Super-Charlie, the kids’ very own superhero.