Sanctuary‘ is the TV adapted series based on Marie Hermanson’s book ‘The Devil’s Sanctuary‘ starring Josefine Asplund and Matthew Modine, known from Stranger Things.
In a pressrelease from earlier this spring  Josefine Asplund said:
– I believe that this will be something special. There’s a smashing contrast in the Sanctuary being such a beautiful and perfect place where completely absurd things happen. I think the audience will like the twisted characters and the dark, claustrophobic tone that runs through the series.

Josefin Asplund plays the identical twins sisters. Matthew Modine, plays the role as president for the research lab the Sanctuary. He expresses his fascination for the genre that the Sanctuary falls under.
– “Mistaken-identity” films are amazing. In one of my favorites, Being There,  the main character, brilliantly portrayed by Peter Sellers, proves that success in Washington has nothing to do with intelligence but rather the lack of it. North by Northwest, The Big Lebowski and The Great Dictator are also brilliant examples of this genre. In the Sanctuary Josefin Asplund finds her character getting caught in this spiderweb of mixed up identity. Surrounded by psychopaths and caught in an institution that houses them, Josefin’s character needs to convince the doctors that she is the most sane one there, says Matthew Modine.

The show will have it’s premier on May 31st on C More and has been produced by  Yellowbird for C More and TV4, in co-production with TMG (Tele München Gruppe) and Fabula Pictures. The series international distributor is Studiocanal. Sanctuary have been directed by Óskar Thór Axelsson and the script have been written by Charlie Fletcher. Executive producer from C More and TV4 is Ulf Synnerholm.

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