Ola Larsmo won this year’s Natur & Kultur’s Kulturpris, one of the most prestigious cultural awards in Sweden! The award is given out to someone who has done a great deed for Swedish culture.

Ola Larsmo is awarded for his sense of style and for making us aware of who we are and how the history has shaped us.

The jury’s motivation goes as follows: “With his authorship, Ola Larsmo has investigated blind spots in the Swedish self-image, such as racism and fascism. He has also depicted the starvation that forced the masses to go on strike or across the sea to another country in the 19th century Sweden, as well as vulnerable groups during the same period of time, such as prostitutes. With great stylistic certainty and never-failing solidarity with the alienated, the outcasts and deportees, his writing offers an awareness of who we are and how history has shaped us.”

The prize winning novel Swede Hollow continues to appear on Swedish toplists and has now sold in over 50 000 copies! Both the Danish and US rights are acquired. Another reason for celebrating!

Congratulations, Ola!