Nordin Agency acquires Danish Lars Ringhof Agency, which changes its name to Nordin Ringhof Agency and adds Lars Ringhof as senior agent and CEO.

Nordin Agency was founded in 1990 and is based in Stockholm. The agency is currently owned by literary agents Joakim Hansson and Anna Frankl. Lars Ringhof established his company in Copenhagen in 2001.

Lars Ringhof will be CEO and senior agent at the Danish subsidiary Nordin Ringhof Agency ApS, Katrine Riisager has come aboard as agent and Lene Børresen will be the agency coordinator. The agency moved into new premises on Store Kannikestræde in Copenhagen on 1 November this year. The company’s board is led by Joakim Hansson (CEO and partner) and Anna Frankl (senior agent and partner) from Nordin Agency AB.

Joakim Hansson and Anna Frankl say:
The decision to establish our business in Denmark together with an already existing Danish agency is about creating value for all of our authors in the best possible way. We will significantly expand our business and together stand stronger in relation to the international publishing and film industry.
In Lars Ringhof, we also found a literary agent with over 40 years of experience in the Danish book industry, who for more than 20 years has worked to improve the business’ contractual and working conditions in close cooperation with some of Denmark’s best authors. This is a major step in the long history of both agencies, and we look forward to sharing our many experiences and developing our joint competences for the benefit of authors.

Lars Ringhof says:
Nordin Agency was the first agency in Scandinavia to offer authors professional representation in contract negotiations on the domestic market, in addition to the sale of international rights. This pioneering work was a great inspiration to me when in 2001 I established the first Danish agency representing Danish authors in relation to their Danish publishers, as well as in translation into other languages and the sale of film and TV rights.
Over the years, I have followed Nordin’s great success and the international respect the agency has garnered. It is with great expectations, especially on behalf of our authors, that I look forward to this new co-operation.

Best regards,
Anna, Joakim and Lars