Nordisk Film Production will make a 3D animated action comedy of Camilla Läckberg’s books about the superhero-baby Charlie. Manuscript and direction by Jon Holmberg, who has previously directed several Sune films. The animation is done by the Danish animation studio and the Swedish Slugger Film. The film is planned to premier in movie theatres all over Sweden for Christmas 2024. 


Camilla Läckberg is one of the world’s biggest crime authors. She made her literary debut in 2003 and today her books have sold over 35 million copies and can be read in over 60 countries. In 2011 a new character appeared in Camilla Läckberg’s universe, Super-Charlie. A children’s book debut about a baby with powers beyond the ordinary. There are 12 standalone books in the series about Super-Charlie, which have sold over 1 million copies in Sweden alone.

–  I’m so happy that Super-Charlie will come to life on the big screen as a Swedish superhero movie, says Camilla Läckberg. Super-Charlie and his family are close to my heart and it will be fantastic to see him in cinemas around the country.

Wille is 10 years old and loves superheroes. He is just about to become a big brother to an (almost) ordinary baby, Charlie. A baby that happens to get superpowers at birth. Wille realises that he will no longer be the family’s centre of attention if this is revealed. SUPER-CHARLIE is an animated action comedy with Sweden’s only, or at least smallest, superhero.

–  Camilla Läckberg’s funny Super-Charlie in the hands of the world-class animators at and Slugger Film and with Jon Holmberg’s genius directing and manuscript is a dream to work with. They are all superheroes, says the producer Gustav Oldén.

SUPER-CHARLIE is produced by Gustav Oldén at Nordisk Film Production in co-production with A.Film, SVT, Film i Skåne, Nordisk Film Distribution, Slugger Film and with support from the Swedish Film Institute and Nordisk Film &TV-fond. The film is distributed by Nordisk Film.