Anna Fredriksson recently published her second book in the ‘Every Seasons Trilogy‘ and the readers really enjoy this feel-real series. The second book ‘A simpler life‘ flew all the way to the top of the bestselling list of the audio books and the first one ‘New Beginnings’, which recently was released in the pocket edition has been on the top lists as well!

And the reviewers agree with wha we see on the top lists. This is what Kajsa Banck from BTJ had to say about ‘A simpler life‘:

A Simpler Life is a sympathetic story about three generations of women, each with their own struggles and dreams. The novel centers around the mother/daughter relationship and the will to go your own way in life. A Simpler Life is down to earth and easy to get through and perhaps there is no coincidence that Anna Fredriksson has been dubbed queen of feel-real fiction.

And @Lollosbokhörna had this to say about ‘A simpler life‘:
I have read all the books that Anna Fredriksson has written and this is one of her best. Anna knows the art of depicting every day life in a way that just makes me want to keep reading. The three main characters in the book are all strong women that need each other to be able to forgive and live together. Anna writes in such a real way, it feels personal and it is so good! The pace is good and there are cliffhangers throughout that makes me want to read the last part of the trilogy right now, yesterday if that was possible! This book is a tru feel-good and a great company in the hammock this summer! Read it!

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