By Louise Boije af Gennäs

Stockholm 2018. It’s been just over a year since the first assault and nothing in Sara’s life is as it should. Several people in her immediate surroundings have died during suspicious  circumstances that in no way can be coincidental, even if the police and hospital staff wants her to believe that.

The sadness and the fear holds Sara in a steadfast grip but deep inside of her stirs a force; an irrepressible resistance. Sara wont give up without a fight if only her opponent could make themselves known.

In the final part of The Resistance trilogy the plot against Sara thickens. When she has nothing left to loose Sara has to act with conviction and courage. The small person can never give up the fight against the power who would kill to keep their own interests.


First published by Bookmark June 10th 2019


Czech, Euromedia
Germany, Europa verlag
Netherlands, Karakter Uitgevers
Poland, Kobiece
Spain, Penguin Random House
Sweden, Bookmark


…joy of reading, thrill and page-turning without comparison.
ihyllan (blog)
…the pages fly by in high speed, the thrill is constantly at its highest. The ending is skillfully built, and the reader is kept on tenterhooks.
bok_stavligt (Instagram)
Louise Boije af Gennäs has a very smooth and flowing language. She always manages to enchant me with her beautiful and skilled way of handling the language. The three books in this trilogy are tremendously well-written, shaking and timely. […] it’s three extremely giving and thoughtful books, that gave me both pleasant and nerve-tingling reading experiences. 
enlundabosbetraktelser (blog)