By Louise Boije af Gennäs

Stars Without Vertigo celebrates 25 years! A novel that was read and loved by a whole generation  – and which is a time capsule of the 90’s era that we never stop being fascinated by. After over 150 000 copies sold, and to celebrate this 25th anniversary, Norstedts is publishing a beautiful new hardcover edition of this novel in August 2022.

Sophie has managed her thirties crisis with flying colors and is living the perfect life with a husband and dogs in a luxury house in Stocksund. She is a successful author, earns a good amount of money and has a standing invite to the dances at Riddarhuset and on the hottest party planners lists. Everything seems to be on track. 

And then suddenly Kaja enters her life. Kaja is a radical feminist, lesbian and leftist and all of a sudden there are new conditions for how Sophie is to live her life. Will she dare to take a leap of faith? Will she have the courage to defy all the societal norms in the name of love? 

Stars Without Vertigo is a novel about what it means to question yourself and the life you are living. It is one of the relationship novels that truly shaped a whole generation through its open language about love and betrayal, about women and women, and women and men. 

To be published by Norstedts August, 2022

Sweden, Norstedts