Väster om friheten – West of freedom

By Thomas Engström

Marrakech, July 11th: Three Americans are found brutally executed at a barbershop. The murders are quieted down. A week later a woman calls the American Embassy in Berlin and claims to have information about the attack. The chief of CIA in Berlin realizes that he is on to something big. He contacts his ex-agent Ludwig Licht, who is tasked with interrogating the woman. It soon showed that the case stod on a cliffs edge and the hunt for the USA:s most sworn enemies can start.

West of freedom is the first part in Thomas Engström’s series about Ludwig Licht, an old Stasi-agent who been an informer to the CIA.  Nowadays he is a free-lancing problem solver and restaurant owner. The plot is set in Berlin, where the old world order meets a new time. Who is your friend, who is your enemy and who watches over our freedom?


First published by Albert Bonniers in 2013-09-20


Czech, Jota Nakladatelstvi s.r.o
Germany, Random House
Greece, Metaixmio
Netherlands, Ambos Anthos
Poland, Sonia Draga
Russia, AST