Norr om paradiset – North of paradise

By Thomas Engström

Two car-bombs explodes outside of a restaurant in Miami. The dead are top leaders within the exile-cuban anti-Castro movement. When Ludwig Licht together with the FBI investigates the attack he is drawn into a dark tangle with ramifications that dates 50 years back – and with fatal consequences for the USA’s relationships with both Havanna and Moscow. The powerplay over Cuba can start.
North of paradise is the third and freestanding part in Thomas Engström’s critically acclaimed series about the old Stasi-veteran, restaurant owner and problem solver Ludwig Licht.

First published by Albert Bonniers in 2015-09-28

Germany, Random House
Netherlands, Ambos Anthos
Poland, Sonia Draga

Powerplay! Weapons! Characters named Ron! The stylistic writer Thomas Engström picks up the political thriller from the stand at the airport and turns it into high art. Len Deighton, check your cellphone: 2015 has sent a text.
Jan Gradvall, Di Weekend

The words are cut out, polished, sandpapered and washed. They are shining, dazzling, even though it’s nighttime also during the day. And just as the sarcasms start to be too many, Engström brings me and Licht to the kind of darkness that gives new lights.
Stig Hansén, Sydsvenskan

Engström puts pressure on the form and isn’t afraid of being literary. I like that.
Dan Sjögren, Hallandsposten

Engström’s thriller is exciting and a page-turner. The language is quick and the story, with its foundation in the cold war, is interesting and exhorts reflection.
Alf Ehn, Skaraborgs Allehanda

The tone is cynical and disillusioned, but at the same time there’s a nice humoristic undertone and Engström’s prose is tighter, crazier and more memorable this time than in the previous books.
Kerstin Bergman, Borås Tidning