Öster om avgrunden – East of the abyss

By Thomas Engström

TBILISI, JULY 2016. The businesswoman Pauline Hollister caries a few dark secrets. She turns to Ludwig Licht, who now works at the security firm EXPLCO:s Georgian division. But before she has time to reveal what she knows she disappears.

At the same time the acutely troubled caucasian republic is starting to rupture. A series of terrorattacks hits the capital, and the powerful Russia up north is acting more and more hostile. What was it that Hollister wanted to tell him? What powers did she put in motion? Ludwig is soon facing his most dangerous and unscrupulous enemy of all times: one of his old generals from the eastern-german Stasi.

East of the abyss is the fourth and last part in the series about Ludwig Licht, the free-lancing problem solver on the dark side of world politics. In Caucasian  – the intersection between east and west, north and south, christianity and Islam – he is finally faced with his sins from the past. It al comes down to a last, despairing battle.


First published by Albert Bonniers 2017-08-11


Germany, Random House
Netherlands, Ambos Anthos
Poland, Sonia Draga