By Lina Areklew

In the Dark is a nerve-wracking and emotionally-charged suspense novel where we once again meet the investigator Sofia Hjortén and the defected police aspirant Fredrik Fröding.

A four-year-old girl has disappeared from her home, and it is soon discovered that more family members are missing. The clock is ticking for the missing girl, and Sofia and her colleagues desperately search in a snow-covered Örnsköldsvik.

At the same time, the heavily pregnant Sofia is struggling with emotional problems. Fredrik has started a relationship at home in Stockholm, and she is expecting a child with another man. In the background is Fredrik’s fight against PTSD, the longing to resume his police career, and the never-fading thought that his brother Niklas actually may have survived the Estonian disaster.

To be published by Bazar Förlag, 2021-10-13

Denmark, Forlaget Memoris
Finland, Tammi
Germany, Goldmann
Hungary, Europa Publishers
Norway, Bonnier Forlag
Sweden, Bazar Förlag