By Lina Areklew

THE THIRD PART in the critically acclaimed High Coast Series where police officer Sofia Hjortén and Estonia survivor Fredrik Fröding solve crimes in an idyllic archipelago environment.

TWO YOUNG GEOCATHERS discover body parts in an old and shut down mine. Sofia Hjortén is forced to end her maternity leave and go back to work. Almost immediately they receive a tip that the remains found could be from a woman who disappeared in 1959. An investigation begins and soon another murder is committed.

SOFIA IS STRUGGLING to balance the role as a mother and the one as a police, at the same time her relationship to Fredrik Fröding is more complicated than ever. A thrilling crime novel about a disappearance from 60 years ago and gripping depiction of how the mines at Ulvön once had the power to change people’s lives.

First published by Bazar, Sweden 2023

Denmark, Forlaget Memoris
Finland, WSOY/Tammi
Germany, Goldmann/Random House
Hungary, Europa Kiadó
Norway, Bonnier Forlag
Sweden, Bazar