By Sissel-Jo Gazan

In his young days, Søren Marhauge was one of the sharpest minds of the police. Now he is an experienced investigator with an impossible case of a child who has disappeared without a trace. Søren himself is a single father and feels like the children’s mother loves her research more than she loves him.

Sille Bjerager works at a pharmacy and knows everything about vital medicine. Her mother and little brother have come out of depression thanks to the new miracle drug Trimixal, and her brother has even gotten a job at the University of Copenhagen, where he can finally put his enormous knowledge of butterflies to good use.

Medical Director Tonny Enggaard is the man behind the miraculous Trimixal. He himself has experienced mental illness in his closest circle, and in his family you do not give up until you reach your goal. No matter the cost.

Søren, Sille and Tony’s stories cross in a threatening, gigantic scandal, which not even the all-seeing anonymous hacker group MediLeaks has spotted. The Peacock’s Eye is a suspense novel about our eternal struggle to find the truth and to be allowed to keep those we love.

The Peacock’s Eye is the independent sequel to The Dinosaur’s Feather and The Arc of the Swallow. Both have been published in the United States and were highlighted by the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal as some of the best translated novels of the year.

Published by Politikens Forlag 2022-06-15

Bulgaria, Perseus
Denmark, Politikens Forlag
Poland, Jentas

“A highly engaging science thriller.”
– Jyllands-Posten, Denmark

“Unmistakably a good Gazan (novel) […] one feels both entertained and enlightened during the reading.”
– Berlingske, Denmark

“A strong, sensational and fantastic suspense novel.”
– Krimiormen, Denmark

“I’m a huge fan of Sissel-Jo Gazan, and her style of writing, where she combines science and suspense, in a skillful and really entertaining way, and has a good grasp on realistic dialogues and scenarios”.
– Hverdagsord, Denmark

“I was highly entertained by this Gazan-classic.”
– Litteraturdk, Denmark

“The summer reading is saved for all of you who have this intelligent page-turner to look forward to.”
– Leonora Christina Skov, Denmark