By Katarina Bivald

AN HOMAGE TO Agatha Christie’s, Midsomer Murders, and all other charming crime novels that combine English pubs, village originals, scones and books with sinister and sudden death.

 SWEDISH AUTHOR BERIT Gardner has withdrawn to a cottage in Cornwall to try and overcome her writer’s block. In a rundown village far from the picturesque coastal cafés and eager tourists she hopes to find some peace and quiet. But things don’t quite go as planned when a murder takes place at the first official tea party Berit attends allongside all the odd villagers in Great Diddling. 

DETECTIVE IAN AHMED at the Devon & Cornwall Police is charged with the investigation. He is determined to find the perpetrator before any other murders take place. The villagers, on the other hand, want to use the dastardly deed as a way to lure tourists to Great Diddling. Berit soon finds herself caught in both village intrigues and the murder investigation.

First published by Forum, Sweden 2021

Bulgaria, Ciela Norma AD
Sweden, Forum

“Katarina Bivald’s new book Murders in Great Diddling is a mix of both Agatha Christie’s murder mystery novels and Murders in Midsomer. […] Bivald excels in a wonderful tangle of coziness and murder and perceptive reflections on the tribulations of the writer’s life!”
– Femina, Sweden

“[…] and not least Swedish Katarina Bivald’s Murders in Great Diddling which has a lovely Murders in Midsomer feel”.
– Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden

“Cozy crime with new Marple […] The first book is promising for those of us who prefer puzzles and riddles to mass-murdering psychopaths.”
– Östersunds-Posten, Sweden

“Katarina Bivald’s detective story is a tribute to both Agatha Christie and The Midsomer Murders and is perfect for cozying up to in the autumn darkness. […] Bivald has written a story with many characters and loose threads but ties the story together nicely.”
– Bohusläningen, Sweden

“Then you have to read Murders in Great Diddling by Katarina Bivald, I started reading it out loud to my husband because it was so good.”
– Oskarshamns-Tidningen, Johanna Mo, Sweden

“The Midsomer Murders, Agatha Christie and all the other charming English detective stories come together in this book that unites English pubs, quaint village originals, scones and books of evil, sudden death.”
– ICA Kuriren, Sweden

“Fresh modernization of an ancient detective tradition where an old stately house in the English countryside hides explosive secrets. I appreciate the hints to the book world as well as the sharp personality of the main character, the British-Swedish author Berit Gardner.”
– M magazine, Sweden

“It’s absolutely wonderful and heartwarming reading.”
– Kapprakt, Sweden

“I’m completely charmed by this murder mystery in a British setting. It could be no other way. It has everything. […] This is really wonderful reading.”
– Boktokig, Instagram

“A real cozy crime novel in a lovely setting in the English countryside! […] It can’t get much better!”
– Bokmysan, Instagram

“Katarina Bivald writes easily and captivatingly, but also takes the time to draw characters that feel nuanced and believable. […] Like afternoon tea in book form – this pleasant little gem feels a bit like that.”
– Johannasdeckarhorna, Instagram

“Murder, dreams and books – an irresistible and unbeatable combination! […] This was an absolutely excellent read with a perfect blend of mystery, suspects and England.”
– Saras_bokbetraktelser, Instagram

“A good cozy crime novel with underlying humor and fantastic settings for this genre!”
– Mestdeckare, Instagram

“I can warmly recommend this lovely cozy crime novel that has both an exciting murder mystery, cozy settings and interesting characters.”
– Systrarnaleosbokprat, Instagram

“Do you love murder mystery novels a la Murders in Midsomer or feelgood novels set in the English countryside? Then this book is a must. […] Well-written and suspenseful.”
– Bokodlaren, Instagram

“Charming, timeless and captivating. Recommended.”
– Krimkolan, Instagram