SISSEL-JO GAZAN (b. 1973) DEBUTED at a very young age and a few years later established herself as an international talent to watch with her science fiction crime novel, The Dinosaur Feather. Up until today, The Dinosaur Feather has been read by more than 250,000 people in Denmark and published in 17 countries. Furthermore, the debut was named “Crime Novel of the Decade” by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, NPR’s Maureen Corrigan called it her favorite mystery of 2013, and The Wall Street Journal‘s Tom Nolan placed it in his year-end top ten list.

IT WAS FOLLOWED by the sequel The Arc of the Swallow which evokes such literary mystery masterpieces as John Le Carre’s The Constant Gardner and Peter Hoeg’s Smilla’s Sense of Snow, pitting a principled scientist against a profit-motivated conspiracy that leads to the upper reaches of corporations and government. Sissel-Jo Gazan has written eight novels in total and been awarded with the Readers’ Book Prize, DR’s novel prize and The Golden Meat Ax for best crime in Denmark.

NOW, GAZAN’S MUCH-ANTICIPATED follow-up in the Marhauge-series is here. The Peacock’s Eye is the independent sequel to The Dinosaur Feather and The Arc of the Swallow and was published in Denmark in June 2022.

SISSEL-JO GAZAN WAS born in Aarhus in 1973 and has a Bachelor of Science in biology. Today she lives in Berlin with her family.