By Therese Bohman

KAROLINA WORKS AS a professor at Stockholm University, navigating a world of academics and living alone following a recent break-up from a long relationship. When she starts to tutor a new postgraduate student she is affected by his self-confidence. He claims to have found new information on an unknown female painter, active during the last century that will change the historiography of Swedish art completely. Karolina soon finds herself entangled both professionally and emotionally.

EVENTIDE IS A  novel about ideas of love, art and loneliness. Karolina moves in intellectual circles but the narrative has a constant, almost vibrating sensibility to what is most human; our sexuality, competition, tedium and insipidity, fear of consequence and allurement.

First published by Norstedts, Sweden 2016

Denmark, Gyldendal
Malayalam, Six year plan books AB
Norway, Cappelen Damm
Poland, Pauza
Romania, Casa Cartii de Stiinta
Sweden, Norstedts
USA, Other Press

“If the soul is forever incurably lonely, then the closeness of bodies means all the more. And Karolina is noticeably exempt in regards of class or community. Compliance, analytic, around 40 and single, she is surprisingly alluring company. […] In Eventide separate alone units are inweaved with fading motifs of grief. Nearly with tenderness the text acknowledge all the beautiful and good heading towards autumn and decay. […] The urge for the downfall, subservience and to be enfolded by something greater is not only destructive.”
– Barbro Westling, Aftonbladet, Sweden

“Therese Bohman is masterfully skilled at narrating relationships, even when they never fully start. […] By just a few sentences she can pin down a person and decompose a situation. […] Through Eventide, Therese Bohman bites the shame of the involunteer loneliness, which is an all the more common lifestyle.”
– Åsa Linderborg, Expressen, Sweden

“After the last page the story forcefully lives on. […] The long paragraphs are magnificently unpredictable, a substantiated but fragile work of art.”
– Aase Berg, Trelleborgs Allehanda, Sweden

“Therese Bohman has undeniably an eye for male conduct of power.”
– Kristoffer Leandoer, Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

“Intelligent, impassioned, and compelling, Bohman’s latest explores complex inner worlds with great sensitivity and insight.”
– Kirkus Reviews, US

“Eventide is a lovely and compelling depiction of a very complex, very real woman […] it’s a highly rewarding read.”
– PopMatters, US

Eventide is a spare, utterly satisfying tale of male frailty and one woman’s delicate act of revenge. Therese Bohman is a mesmerizing talent; she writes with wit, honesty, and devastating poise.”
Lucy Ives, author of Impossible Views of the World