By Therese Bohman

“The publishing house is anchored like a ship along Stockholm’s main street Kungsgatan, a large bright building topped with a rooftop terrace. The facade is a grid of wood and granite, flags with a cursive R sway in the wind. R as in Rydéns.”

A YOUNG WOMAN starts as an intern at the famous publishing house, but stays for many years and gains more and more responsibility for the authors and publications. Everything under supervision by Gunnar, publishing director of the most prestigious imprint behind the finest literature, Andromeda. 

AS THE YEARS go by their work relationship transforms into something both of them have difficulties to define. Perhaps it’s about mutual trust? Or is it in fact about something else? 

THERESE BOHMAN’S LATEST novel takes place in Stockholm and grows into a story about tradition and modernity, expectations and disappointments, idealism and crass reality. 

First published by Norstedts, Sweden 2022

Denmark, Turbine Forlaget
Germany, Europa Verlag
Malaysia, The Biblio Press
Norway, Cappelen Damm
Poland, Wydawnictwo Pauza
Romania, Casa Cartii de Stiinta
Sweden, Norstedts
US, Other Press

“Therese Bohman’s new novel is about a complex relationship and it is really moving. Therese Bohman has built an authorship by portraying human relationships on the borderlines […]. Perhaps the most distinctive thing about Bohman’s novels is how these relationships and nuanced life experiences create space for reflection on contemporary ideas – about femininity, about moralism, about the importance of literature and art. Bohman’s language is as clear and rich as usual, the narration effective and unforced. […] But the relationship portrayed in Andromeda is the most multi-faceted of the authorship so far. It’s also told in a new way, by letting two voices speak. […] It’s elegant in several ways. How the stories flow together, but also diverge. […] Andromeda is so far the most skillful and touching portrayal of what is perhaps the clearest recurring theme in Bohman’s writing – loneliness.”
– Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

“A magnificent novel filled with the love of the fair. […] Andromeda is Therese Bohman’s fourth novel and she appears as a full-fledged master.”
– Expressen, Sweden

“Therese Bohman is a contemporary of Hjalmar Söderberg. […] There is simply some kind of enchantment of the existence when Therese Bohman writes. That elevated sense of life and refinement that the characters in her novel so desperately seek, she herself recreates in her books. It’s grand.”
– Sveriges Radio, Sweden

“Therese Bohman excels with her demanding novel about the passing of time. Andromeda has a quiet plot. But the captivity of people under the whims of fate is magnificent”.
– Sydsvenskan, Sweden

“Continuously captivating about the friendship between a woman and a man. Therese Bohman writes a beautiful poem about literature, class, the longing for validation and the longing to be understood.”
– Västerbotten-Kuriren, Sweden

“Therese Bohman has never written better. Therese Bohman writes about a relationship that cannot be defined with the language of the early 21st century. […] a novel that resists the current trends.”
– Gefle Dagblad, Sweden

“They live a calm and structured life that gets its dignity and meaning through work. It’s also the description of the love for this work that is Andromeda‘s great asset. So rarely is that feeling included in a novel!”
– Göteborgs Posten, Sweden

“Heartfelt, touching – and slightly provocative!”
– Femina, Sweden

“It is fascinating how a novel with such a driven and well-oiled language, where the pages turn themselves, can simultaneously contain so many depths.”
– Fokus, Sweden

“When I read her latest, Andromeda, I think of Hjalmar Söderberg. Bohman’s prose is atmospheric with hints of melancholy. And it’s around the incurable loneliness of the soul that the story moves. […] In Andromeda, longing gets its answer in a genuine encounter. The novel is also about the great literature, the lasting works of art and what they give us, about a beautiful life filled with content. That Therese Bohman is an art writer is easy to see in the beautiful prose. The book fall has only just begun, but I’m sure Andromeda will be among the best it has to offer.”
– Litteraturmagazinet, Sweden

“A story that affects you deeply”.
– Folkbladet, Sweden

Winner of the 2022 Broocman Award